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Book TV Schedule


"Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace"
Leon Panetta

Next air time: Monday, October 20th, at 1:45am (ET)
Approx. 1 hr. 17 min.
Book TV Interviews with New York University Professors: Peter Blair Henry, "Turnaround"
Peter Blair Henry

Next air time: Monday, October 20th, at 1am (ET)
Approx. 28 min.

Also Airing...

Monday, October 20th

1:45am (ET)
Approx. 1 hr. 17 min.
"Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace"
Leon Panetta
6am (ET)
Approx. 53 min.
"Among the Ruins: Syria Past and Present"
Christian Sahner
7am (ET)
Approx. 54 min.
U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Wright's Inaugural Reading
Charles Wright

Upcoming Programs


In Depth is Book TV's monthly interview/call-in program with an author featuring his or her body of work.  It's LIVE on the first Sunday of every month.    Mark Levin, Bonnie Morris, Peniel Joseph, Bing West, Luis Rodriguez, Amity Shlaes, Reza Aslan, Ron Paul, Mary Frances Berry, and Joan Biskupic are this year's past guests so far.

Nov 2  Michael Korda
Dec 7  Arthur Brooks
Jan 4, 2015  Tavis Smiley  @tavissmiley

You can watch all past In Depths online by using the "Search" function in the upper left hand corner of this website.


Here are some events that Book TV will be covering in the coming weeks:

10/14/14    San Francisco: Commonwealth Club, John Lanchester, How to Speak Money

10/15/14    Haverford, PA: The Quadrangle, Joseph Hoeffel, The Iraq Lie

10/15/14    Cranberry Township, PA: Barnes & Noble, Tom McMillan, Flight 93

10/16/14    Madison, WI: Central Library, Jordan Ellenberg, How Not to be Wrong 

10/17/14    Madison, WI: Central Library, Gail Sheehy, Daring

10/17/14    Napa, CA: Copperfield's Books, Stephen Seager, Behind the Gates of Gomorrah

10/21/14    NYC: New York Historical Society, Richard Brookhiser, Founder's Son

10/21/14    Palo Alto, CA: Hoover Institution, Russ Roberts, How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

10/22/14    NYC: The New School, Laura Auricchio, The Marquis

10/25/14    Boston Book Festival

10/26/14    San Francisco: SF Jazz Center, American Book Awards

10/27/14    Boston: JFK Library, Richard Norton Smith, On His Own Terms




Book TV covers many book festivals each year, many of them LIVE.  In 2014, our festival coverage will include book festivals in Tucson, Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlottesville, New York, Freedom Fest in Vegas, Brooklyn, the Roosevelt Reading Festival in Hyde Park, NY, Harlem Book Festival, the Texas Book Festival and Miami Book Fair International in November.  You can watch those we've already covered online.  Find them using the "Search" button in the upper lefthand corner of this homepage.

For a complete list of upcoming book festivals, click on the BOOK FAIRS tab at the top of the page.