TV Schedule for November 22nd – November 24th

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Sunday, November 23rd

12am (ET)
Approx. 9 hr. 30 min.
2014 Miami Book Fair: Day One
Multiple Authors
LIVE 10am (ET)
Approx. 7 hr. 30 min.
2014 Miami Book Fair: Day Two
Multiple Authors
5:30pm (ET)
Approx. 50 min.
President George W. Bush, "41: A Portrait of My Father"
George W. Bush
6:30pm (ET)
Approx. 56 min.
"Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State"
Megan Ming Francis
7:30pm (ET)
Approx. 1 hr. 19 min.
"Behind the Gates of Gomorrah: A Year with the Criminally Insane"
Stephen Seager
10pm (ET)
Approx. 2 hr. 4 min.
2014 National Book Awards
Multiple Authors