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Encore Booknotes: "Preferential Policies: An International Perspective"

Thomas Sowell

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Thomas Sowell was a guest on Booknotes in 1990 to discusses his book "Preferential Policies." The author discusses the effects of government-mandated affirmative action programs. He argues that preferential policies often disproportionately assist the more fortunate in a targeted group and that these programs are designed to promote specific political agendas rather than provide long-term change for the betterment of society.

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Thomas Sowell

Thomas SowellThomas Sowell is the author of several books, including "A Conflict of Visions," "The Einstein Syndrome," "A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy," "The Quest for Cosmic Justice," "Race and Culture," "Conquests and Cultures" and "Migrations and Cultures." Mr. Sowell is a senior fellos at the Hoover Institution. For more information visit tsowell.com
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