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BookTV in Salt Lake City, Utah

Book TV in Salt Lake City, Utah

About the Program

Book TV visits Salt Lake City, Utah, to interview several of the city's authors and tour its literary sites.  Our programming includes:

Interview with Scott Carrier, author of Prisoner of Zion: Muslims, Mormons, and Other Misadventures

Interview with Stacey Bess, author of Nobody Don't Love Nobody: Lessons on Love From the School With No Name

Tour of the Salt Lake City Main Library

Interview with Jana Richman, author of Riding in the Shadows of Saints: A Woman's Story of Motorcycling the Mormon Trail

Tour of Ken Sanders Rare Books

Tour of the Wallace Stegner Collection at J. Willard Marriott Library

About the Authors

Book TV in Salt Lake City, Utah

Book TV visits Salt Lake City to tour its literary sites and talk with authors based there.


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BookTV in Salt Lake City, Utah

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  • Sunday, June 8th at 10pm (ET)
  • Saturday, June 7th at 6pm (ET)
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