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"Exit Berlin: How One Woman Saved Her Family from Nazi Germany"

Charlotte Bonelli

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Charlotte Bonelli talks about a collection of letters written between Luzie Hatch, a young German Jew, and her family trapped in Europe during the rise of the Nazis.  The letters provide an insight into the worsening condition for Jews in Europe in the late 1930s and the mindset of American Jews and the American government during this period.  Luzie Hatch fled Germany for the U.S. in 1938 with the help of her American cousin, the industrialist Arnold Hatch, and became an advocate for rescuing the rest of her family.  This event was held at the American Jewish Committee in New York City.       

About the Authors

Charlotte Bonelli

Charlotte Bonelli is director of archives at the American Jewish Committee, where the Luzie Hatch letter collection is housed.    


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"Exit Berlin: How One Woman Saved Her Family from Nazi Germany"

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