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"Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror, Politics and Religion"

Peter Bergen et al.

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Peter Bergen and a panel of contributors to the book, "Talibanistan," talk about the threat posed by extremists who operate in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The panelists are: Col. Thomas Lynch III (National Defense University), Anand Gopal (New America Foundation), Hassan Abbas (National Defense University), Brian Fishman (Palantir Technologies), Sameer Lalwani (New America Foundation), and Ken Ballen (Terror Free Tomorrow).  Hosted by the New American Foundation in Washington, DC.     

About the Authors

Peter Bergen et al.

Peter Bergen is a fellow at the New America Foundation and the author of "Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Bin Laden." He is a terrorism analyst for CNN and has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic and Rolling Stone. For more information, visit:  

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"Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror, Politics and Religion"

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