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Encore Booknotes: Arnold Ludwig, "King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership"

Arnold Ludwig

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Mr. Ludwig talked about his book, King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership, published by the University Press of Kentucky. The book presents the findings of his eighteen-year investigation into why people want to rule. Although the answer on the surface seems to be power, privilege, and perks, Mr. Ludwig questioned why so many rulers cling to power even when they are miserable, trust nobody, feel besieged, and face almost certain death. Ludwig's results suggest that leaders of nations tend to act remarkably like monkeys and apes in the way they come to power, govern, and rule. Profiling every ruler of a recognized country in the twentieth century, Ludwig establishes how rulers came to power, how they lost power, the dangers they faced, and the odds of their being assassinated, committing suicide, or dying a natural death. Then, concentrating on a smaller sub-set of 377 rulers for whom more extensive personal information was available, he compares six different kinds of leaders, examining their characteristics, their childhoods, and their mental stability or instability to identify the main predictors of later political success.

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