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Panel Discussion on Civilians in the Path of War

About the Program

A panel discussion on the topic of civilians in the path of war from the Colby Military Writers' Symposium. Panelists include Lt. Col. John Nagl author of "Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam," Anne Nivat author of "The Wake of War: Encounters with the People of Iraq and Afghanistan," Gerhard Weinberg author of "Visions of Victory: The Hopes of Eight World War II Leaders," Mark Grimsley and Clifford Rogers co-authors of "Civilians in the Path of War," and John Glusman author of "Conduct Under Fire: Four American Doctors and Their Fight for Life as Prisoners of the Japanese, 1941-1945." The panel is moderated by James Jay Carafano.

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Past Airings

  • Sunday, May 6th at 7pm (ET)
  • Saturday, May 5th at 4:30pm (ET)
  • Monday, April 23rd at 6:30am (ET)
  • Sunday, April 22nd at 1am (ET)
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