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E.R. Braithwaite

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A Native of Guyana, Mr. Braithwaite describes his childhood in the South American British colony and the events that led him to write his first book, the international best-selling novel "To Sir With Love." Published in 1959, the novel describes the struggles of an African man in England teaching troubled white youths in a public school. Educated as a research physicist at Cambridge, Mr. Braithwaite reluctantly became a teacher but gradually began to enjoy his work.

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E.R. Braithwaite

E.R. BraithwaiteE.R. Braithwaite was born in Guyana in 1922. After serving as a pilot for the British Royal Air Force during World War II, Braithwaite became a schoolteacher in London's East End. His first book, "To Sir, with Love," was a memoir based on this experience, and was made into a movie starring Sidney Poitier in 1967. Braithwaite went on to serve as an UNESCO educational consultant and lecturer, Guyana's representative to the United Nations, and as Guyana's ambassador to Venezuela. In 2002, he was Howard University's Writer in Residence.
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