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After Words: John O' Sullivan, author of "The President, The Pope, and The Prime Minister" interviewed by Martin Walker, senior fellow at Woodrow Wilson Center

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In his book, The President, The Pope, and The Prime Minister: Three Who Changed the World, author John O’Sullivan describes the fall of the Soviet empire and the central roles played by President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Mr. O’Sullivan covered the Reagan presidency as a journalist and served as a special adviser to Prime Minister Thatcher. Mr. O’Sullivan discusses the book with Martin Walker, a senior fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center and editor emeritus for United Press International. Mr. Walker serves as a guest interviewer and is not an employee of C-SPAN.

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John O'Sullivan

John O'SullivanJohn O’Sullivan served as a special adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and is a veteran journalist in both the US and the UK. He has served as editor in chief of The National Review, The National Interest, Policy Review, and United Press International. He was also editorial page editor for the New York Post and the London Times. He is currently editor at large for the National Review, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, and a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.
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