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Inside the New York Times Book Review--Editor Sam Tanenhaus and Staff

About the Program

During this hour-long program, Book TV chronicles--step by step--the creation of the October 29, 2006 issue, going on a guided tour of the review's offices with editor Sam Tanenhaus. Book TV examines how the section is assembled while talking to key preview (or assignment) editors and book review staff to learn about the criteria and decision-making process for choosing books and reviewers, the development of graphics, headlines and pull quotes, copy editing and other visual elements that go into the production of the weekly section. Among the NYTBR staff who speak with Book TV about their responsibilities are Dwight Garner, Senior Editor, Barry Gewen, Preview Editor (who specializes in non-fiction politics and history), Steve Coates, Chief Copy Editor, Elsa Dixler, Letters Page Editor, Ihsan Taylor, Paperback Row columnist, and Jude Biersdorfer, Production Editor.

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Past Airings

  • Monday, May 28th at 9:56pm (ET)
  • Monday, January 1st at 8pm (ET)
  • Monday, December 25th at 1:30pm (ET)
  • Sunday, December 17th at 7pm (ET)
  • Sunday, December 17th at 11am (ET)
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