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After Words: Michael Mandelbaum interviewed by Jacqueline Grapin

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Michael Mandelbaum is a professor of American Foreign policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC, and a foreign affairs columnist for Newsday. He argues that the United States does not use its superpower for imperialistic gains. In his new book, "The Case for Goliath: How America Acts as the World's Government in the 21st Century," He points out how America became a global provider of security and governmental services to the world. He is interviewed by Jacqueline Grapin, founder of the European Institute, and the publisher of European Affairs magazine.

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  • Sunday, April 2nd at 8:58pm (ET)
  • Sunday, April 2nd at 5:59pm (ET)
  • Saturday, April 1st at 9pm (ET)
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