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Encore Booknotes: Jean Strouse, "Morgan: American Financier"

Jean Strouse

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Author Jean Strouse was a guest on Booknotes to talk about her book, "Morgan: American Financier." This biography of J. Pierpont Morgan portrays him as a man who revolutionized banking and the American economic structure, while damaging many of his personal and professional relationships. Under Morgan's financial guidance, America went from a debtor nation to an economically sound country. Ms. Strouse talks about how Mr. Morgan amassed a fortune while he was still in his early thirties, tried to disassemble workers' unions, and became one of the world's most famous bankers.

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Jean Strouse

Jean StrouseJean Strouse is an award-winning author who lives in New York City. Her book "Alice James," won the Bancroft Prize in American History and Diplomacy in 1980.
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Encore Booknotes: Jean Strouse, "Morgan: American Financier"

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