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Encore Booknotes: Reagan In His Own Hand: The Writings of Ronald Reagan That Reveal His Revolutionary Vision for America

Kiron Skinner

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In this Encore Booknotes from March 2001, history professor Kiron Skinner discusses her book, "Reagan in His Own Hand." A collection of personal writings from throughout Ronald Reagan's life, the book reveals that many of his positions were developed long before he became president. The original writings include letters, short fiction from high school, poetry, speeches, newspaper articles, and radio commentary. The topics range from public policy issues, both foreign and domestic, World War II, the second Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, to a final letter to the public announcing that he had Alzheimer's disease. These handwritten documents are reproduced with Reagan's own edits. Former Secretary of State George Shultz wrote the foreword. Two excerpts from Mr. Reagan’s radio broadcasts are aired during the program.

About the Authors

Kiron Skinner

Kiron Skinner

Kiron Skinner is an assistant professor of history, public policy and political science at Carnegie Mellon University. She is the W. Glenn Campbell Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution. In addition to "Reagan in His Own Hand," Ms. Skinner also co-edited "Stories in His Own Hand: The Everyday Wisdom of Ronald Reagan" with Martin Anderson and Annelise Anderson.

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