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BookTV Tours Book Publisher Simon & Schuster

BookTV Tours Simon & Schuster

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BookTV tours the book publisher Simon & Schuster and talks to many of the principal players involved in taking a book from acquisition to publication.   Our tour includes interviews with Carolyn Reidy, president and CEO; Jonathan Karp, president and publisher; Priscilla Painton, vice president and executive editor; Paula Amendolara, vice president, director of retail sales; Samantha Cohen, director of digital content development; Jackie Seow, vice president, executive art director of trade art; Cary Goldstein, vice president, executive director of publicity and senior editor; and Richard Rhorer, vice president and associate publisher.  2014 marks the 90th anniversary of Simon & Schuster, whose first book was published on April 10, 1924.

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BookTV Tours Book Publisher Simon & Schuster

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Past Airings

  • Friday, November 28th at 11:30pm (ET)
  • Thursday, November 27th at 1pm (ET)
  • Monday, July 21st at 5:30am (ET)
  • Sunday, July 6th at 4:30pm (ET)
  • Saturday, July 5th at 8:45pm (ET)
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