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BookTV in Olympia, Washington

BookTV Visits Olympia, Washington

About the Program

Book TV visits Olympia, Washington, to interview several of the city's authors and tour its literary sites.  Our programming includes:

Interview with Maria Mudd Ruth, author of Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet

Interview with S.R. Martin, Jr., author of On the Move: A Black Family's Western Saga

Interview with Chuck Fowler, author of Tall Ships of Puget Sound

Tour of the Special Collections of the Washington State Library

Interview with Trova Heffernan, author of An Election of Ages

Interview with Jack Nisbet on David Douglas, the namesake of the Douglas Fir Tree

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BookTV in Olympia, Washington

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Past Airings

  • Sunday, February 2nd at 9:45am (ET)
  • Saturday, February 1st at 12pm (ET)
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