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In Depth: Bonnie Morris

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Bonnie Morris is the author of six non-fiction, prose books:

The High School Scene in the Fifties: Voices from West L.A (1997).; Lubavitcher Women in America: Identity and Activism in the Postwar Era (1998); Eden Built by Eves: The Culture of Women's Music Festivals (1999); Girl Reel (2000); Revenge of the Women's Studies Professor (2009); Women's History for Beginners (2012).

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Bonnie Morris

Bonnie Morris is an adjunct professor in the Women and Gender Studies Program at Georgetown and George Washington Universities.  She was a finalist for the Autumn House nonfiction book prize and a Semi-Finalist for the Zone 3 Press nonfiction book prize in 2013.  Ms. Morris won the "New Women's Voices" chapbook competition from Finishing Line Press, and her first volume of collected poems, The Schoolgirl's Atlas, was released by Finishing Line Press late last year.  For more, visit: 

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In Depth: Bonnie Morris

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