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Diane Mancher

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An overview of the current status of the self publishing industry in the U.S., featuring input from the organizer and presenters at the fifth annual Self Publishing Book Expo.

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Diane Mancher

Diane Mancher is the owner and president of One Potata Productions, Inc.  She worked at High Times magazine and Stonehill Publishing, before spending ten years as an in-house publicist at St. Martin's Press. She's also been a senior publicist at Dell Publishing and Avon Books.  Ms. Mancher has handled the campaigns for Randy Shilts' "And The Band Played On" and Mary Wilson's "Dreamgirl: My Life As a Supreme."  She also handled Patricia Cornwell's first national bestseller, the novel "Body Of Evidence," among others.

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Self Publishing Book Expo

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  • Sunday, February 9th at 9:15am (ET)
  • Monday, January 20th at 6:20pm (ET)
  • Monday, January 20th at 5:45am (ET)
  • Saturday, January 18th at 11:15am (ET)
  • Sunday, January 12th at 3:30pm (ET)
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