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BookTV in Dayton, Ohio

BookTV Visits Dayton, Ohio

About the Program

Book TV visits Dayton, Ohio, to interview several of the city's authors and tour its literary sites.  Our programming includes:

Historian LaVerne Sci discusses the writing career of poet Laurence Dunbar

Interview with Larry Schweikart, author of 7 Events That Made America

Tour of The Wright Brothers Collection housed in the Special Collections and Archives at Wright State University Library

Interview with Thaddeus Hoffmeister, author of Social Media in the Courtroom

Interview with Sue Trolliner, author of Selling the Amish

Sharon Kelly Roth discusses the life and career of humorist Erma Bombeck

Tour of the Marian Library Collection

Program Information

BookTV in Dayton, Ohio

Past Airings

  • Sunday, December 22nd at 10:45am (ET)
  • Saturday, December 21st at 12pm (ET)
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