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A Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

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A tribute to author Christopher Hitchens who died on December 15, 2011.  The event, hosted by Vanity Fair magazine, includes Mr. Hitchens' family, friends, and colleagues.  The numerous speakers include Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie, Victor Navasky, Sean Penn, Peter Hitchens, Mr. Hitchens' widow Carol Blue, Graydon Carter, and Martin Amis.   The tribute takes place at the Great Hall of the Cooper Union in New York City.

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A Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

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  • Tuesday, August 28th at 4pm (ET)
  • Tuesday, August 28th at 8am (ET)
  • Monday, May 28th at 10:45pm (ET)
  • Sunday, May 13th at 2pm (ET)
  • Saturday, May 12th at 11pm (ET)
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