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"The New Deal: A Modern History"

Michael Hiltzik

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Michael Hiltzik presents a history of the New Deal.  The author examines the origins of Franklin D. Roosevelt's plans to confront the nation's economic depression and the President's relationships with his inner-circle of advisors, which ranged across the social spectrum.  Mr. Hiltzik also examines the politically conservative facets of the New Deal that included the suspension of antitrust enforcement and the desire for a balanced budget.  Michael Hiltzik speaks at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, California. 

About the Authors

Michael Hiltzik

Michael Hiltzik is the author of several books, including Colossus: The Turbulent, Thrilling Saga of the Building of the Hoover Dam.  He is a business columnist at the Los Angeles Times, where he has reported on technology, public policy, and business for twenty years.  Mr. Hiltzik was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for his reportage in 1999. 

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"The New Deal: A Modern History"

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