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After Words: Henry Kissinger, "On China," hosted by Monica Crowley

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The U.S. Secretary of State for the administration that first recognized communist China writes on whether it's possible for the world's two largest economies to form a "genuine partnership and a world order based on cooperation."  He outlines how this cooperation could be formed and maintained in a discussion with former Nixon aide Monica Crowley.

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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger came to the United States from Germany in 1938.  He served in the Army and was educated at Harvard University, where he then served on the faculty from 1954-71. In the Nixon administration, Mr. Kissinger served as the president's National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.  He is currently chairman of Kissinger & Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm.  Mr. Kissinger is the author of numerous books, including "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy," "American Foreign Policy: Three Essays," "Diplomacy," and "Years of Renewal."

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After Words: Henry Kissinger, "On China," hosted by Monica Crowley

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