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In Depth: Martha Nussbaum

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Professor Nussbaum is author of 16 books:

 Aristotle's De Motu Animalium (1978); The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy (1986); Love's Knowledge (1990); The Therapy of Desire (1994); Poetic Justice (1996); For Love of Country (1996); Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education (1997); Sex and Social Justice (1998); Women and Human Development (2000); Upheavals of Thought: The Intelligence of Emotions (2001); Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame and the Law (2004); Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership (2006); The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence and India's Future (2007); Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America's Tradition of Religious Equality (2008); From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law (2010); Not for Profit: Liberal Education and Democratic Citizenship (2010).

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Martha Nussbaum

Martha Nussbaum is the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago Law School. Her books include "Women and Human Development," "Frontiers of Justice," and  "Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America’s Tradition of Religious Equality."

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In Depth: Martha Nussbaum

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