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In Depth: T.R. Reid

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T.R. Reid joins us from Denver via satellite.

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T.R. Reid

T.R. Reid was a reporter for the Washington Post, covering politics for the national desk before going abroad to cover Japan.  He is author of six books in English:

"Congressional Odyssey" (1981), "The Chip" (1986); "Ski Japan!" (1996), "Confucius Lives Next Door" (2001), "The United States of Europe" (2004), and "The Healing of America" (2009).  He is also a contributor to the 1980 edition of "The Pursuit of the Presidency."

Mr. Reid's additional Japanese-language works are "Seiko Hoteishiki," "Tomu no Me Tomu no Mimi," and "Nippon Kenbunroku."

T.R. Reid photo by Jon Groner.


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In Depth: T.R. Reid

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