In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemmings Sex Scandal

William Hyland Jr.

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Former prosecutor William Hyland Jr. argues that Thomas Jefferson did not have a affair with Sally Hemmings nor fathered her child.  Mr. Hyland contends that the DNA results specify a "Jefferson male" whom he identifies as possibly Randolph Jefferson, the younger brother of the former president.  He also relays that stories of President Jefferson's affair we're started by James Callender who was denied a postmaster appointment and refers to the Hemmings family's oral histories that he reports contradict the relationship.  William Hyland Jr. presents his book at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitors Center in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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William Hyland Jr.

William Hyland Jr. is a trial lawyer and a former prosecutor with over twenty-five years of litigation experience.  He currently serves on the Florida Judicial Nominating Commission.  Mr. Hyland is a member of the New York and Virginia Historical Societies.

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In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemmings Sex Scandal

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